Meetings for 2019: The Society meets once per month. General Meetings are held on alternate Fridays ('odd' months, starting January - except for 2019 due to Australia Day holiday) and the informal forums are held on the alternate Saturday ('even' months, starting February) at Greenhills Neighbourhood Centre: Community Drive, off St Helena Road. Meetings begin at 1.15pm. Any changes to the venue, dates or times will posted on this site so please check regularly before the meeting date. All members and visitors are most welcome to attend these informative and friendly meetings. The History Resource Centre is open on Thursdays between 10:00am and 3:00pm., and on selected weekends at corner of Glenauburn and Para Road, Lower Plenty 3093. In 2019, Thursdays will resume on January 17th. Committee meetings for 2019: Wednesday: 16/01, 20/02, 20/03, 17/04, 15/05, 19/06, 17/07, 14/08, 18/09, 16/10, 20/11. Contact Noel or other Committee members with your suggestions for activities or projects. Meeting dates for 2019: All held at Greenhills Neighbourhood House, Community Drive, Greensborough, commencing at 1.15pm. Check on home page for updates on speakers and activities 23/02/19 Saturday 1.15pm 29/03/19 Friday 1.15pm 27/04/19 Saturday 1.15pm 24/05/19 Friday 1.15pm 29/06/19 Saturday 1.15pm 26/07/19 Friday 1.15pm 31/08/19 Saturday 1.15pm 20/09/19 Friday 1.15pm - AGM (moved to avoid Grand Final Eve public holiday) 26/10/19 Saturday 1.15pm Heritage Meeting 29/11/19 Friday 1.15 pm Christmas Meeting SOCIAL MORNING TEAS 2019: Held on Tuesday morning, this is a social occasion, not a formal meeting. All members and guests are welcome. Generally held near Muffin Break on the top level of Greensborough Plaza. Tuesday 12/02, 09/04, 11/06, 13/08, 08/10, 10/12. OPEN DAYS AT THE RESOURCE CENTRE 2019: Open Days for 2019: 09/02/19 (Saturday), 14/04/19 (Sunday), 08/06/19 (Saturday), 11/08/19 (Sunday) and 12/10/19 (Saturday). Hours are 1.00pm to 4.00pm. The Resource Centre at Glenauburn Road Lower Plenty is open every Thursday (10am - 3pm) .